Water & Waste Water Utility

Like most other industries, water utilities are looking to adopt technology to address the pressures of managing the security of supply in already water-stressed markets within the prescribed regulatory standards. Technology, they too believe, is the key to achieving operational efficiency together with high customer satisfaction. At Chemdelve water utility practice, we offer innovative digital solutions that help water and wastewater utilities develop operational efficiency, optimize costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Despite steep challenges posed by aging infrastructures, our innovative solutions help address difficult customer-facing problems such as unbilled consumption and smart metering, etc. Our services also assist with the plants’ operational efficiency, including predictive maintenance, treatment plant optimization, prevention of pollution incidents, and even leak detection.

With our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise in digital solutions, we at Chemdelve help water utility companies perfect the customer experience while providing clean and safe water in a sustainable way.

Water and wastewater utilities are increasingly looking towards technology to help them sail through these troubling times of supplying uninterrupted clean water in already water-stressed markets. There is also the added pressure of customers’ ever-increasing expectations together with more stringent regulatory standards. Technology, including artificial intelligence, robotics, and data analytics, can help them tide over these challenges while maintaining sustainable business models.

With many buried assets, aging assets, including pipelines, tunnels, dams, pumping, storage, and treatment facilities, are among the biggest challenges faced by the water utilities. With aging assets and workforce, management of capital expenses managing operational costs is another significant challenge these utility service providers face. The scarcity of water is also an increasing concern for these companies across the globe. In fact, water scarcity and water conservation have been a talking point worldwide for some time now. Experts today are looking at avenues on training the consumers on the value of water and its preservation. With water leaks and theft, together with improper treatment of wastewater, the problem seems to have blown out of proportion.By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence algorithms and big data analytics, water utilities can capitalize on gaining insights from the volumes of data available to make better-informed decisions. Using the data, utility companies can reduce costs drastically and identify ways to enhance customer experience and service delivery. By adopting digital transformation, utilities can optimize their water distribution operations and even address unaccounted-for-water problems in particular. Artificial intelligence can help reduce their capital (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) and allow the industry to leave behind a lively, cultural, and environmental mark.

Various digital and innovative capabilities can help with multiple business transformation solutions, from enhanced customer service to smart metering to predictive maintenance to regulatory compliance.

With Chemdelve’s innovative digital solutions, water and wastewater utilities can improve their overall operational efficiency, optimize costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Our innovative solutions can help with creative ways to cope with age-old aging infrastructures and workforce problems. With our enhanced technology solutions, we help utilities with treatment plan optimization, prevent pollution incidents, predict sewer flooding, detect leaks, and monitor water quality. With our smart metering and enhanced customer knowledge gained from data, we help utilities provide enhanced customer experience. Our robotics and drone solutions can help monitor asset health even in remote areas, thus predicting breakdowns in advance.

By adopting our digital technologies such as smart meter systems, mobile apps, predictive analytics, and cloud-based solutions, utilities can achieve better water resource management, resulting in reduced cost and improved sustainability. Through our cloud-based solutions, smart meters, and mobile apps, utility companies can start to play a more prominent role in how consumers optimize their home, guide them in choosing the tariffs and even help them manage consumption and make payments.