Life Sciences and Material Chemistry

Discovery chemistry:

We provide discovery chemistry services, including synthetic and medicinal chemistry, enabling the clients to discover hit and lead candidates within a shorter timeframe.

Our expertise in discovery chemistry covers broadly library synthesis, materials chemistry, peptide synthesis, nucleosides and carbohydrates. Our team has hand on experience in modern chemical synthesis including organometallic chemistry, aromatic chemistry and heterocyclic chemistry. Chemdelve has capability of designing safe and efficient synthetic routes to provide new chemical entities to our clients in their discovery program. The chemistry team at chemdelve share a good blend of experience in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry as it has been derived from various national and international laboratories.

Delivery Model for Chemistry Services

Chemdelve being a contract research organisation is flexible to work closely with our clients and based on requirements they can either choose a full-time-equivalent (FTE) or a fee-for-service (FFS) pricing model for synthetic chemistry services. Through these models clients can access our medicinal chemistry services with an emphasis on our chemistry capabilities.

Medicinal Chemistry: We collaborate and support clients exclusively in chemistry to run their medicinal chemistry program.

Synthetic Chemistry:

Our team of organic chemists capable of producing diverse types of complex molecules to meet the demand of pharma and chemical companies at mg to Kg scale. We extend a value added support to clients in following areas.

  • Synthesis of KSM and Advance intermediates
  • Protection and de-protection chemistry
  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Library Synthesis
  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Organic Electronic Materials
  • Organometallic chemistry

Chemical development:

Services for investigational to commercial-scale process development research

Chemdelve offers comprehensive process research and development services to support our clients with investigational to commercial-scale development programs. We integrate with clients in several industries including pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, and agrochemicals. Our team is passionate about resolving complex scientific problems with a systematic approach in a given time frame while keeping quality maintained processes and products. Our scientists have significant training and experience across synthetic organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, process chemistry, process safety.

Purification and Structure Elucidation Services:

We offer promising services of purification of small organic molecule, characterization and structural elucidation of synthesized molecules using advanced analytical techniques such as ultraviolet spectroscopy, high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS), 1D (PMR, CMR), 2D nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).

Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical impurities.

Equipped with a team of experienced synthetic organic chemists and resources Chemdelve produces chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical impurities at varying scales. The presence of these impurities even in trace amount may influence the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical and agrochemical products. The controlling formation of impurities is an important task to pharmaceutical industry as per the regulatory norms. Highly pure and fully characterized impurity standards are used to check the presence of a particular impurity in the synthesized APIs. We, at chemdelve prepare range of pharmaceutical impurities available in the market in a cost effective manner. We also run a program to synthesize new impurities on market demand.