About Us

Chemdelve Pvt. Ltd. was founded as a contract research organisation in chemistry and expanded recently into service providing company in artificial intelligence and robotics. We support our strategic partner company Artificial Intelligence Global Company (AIGC) based in Saudi Arabia. AIGC is a leading solution and service company in oil & gas, chemicals, manufacturing, mineral resources, robotics, drone and smart city.

Digital transformation is currently being adopted by the industries to increase productivity and performance of the industry. We provide end-to-end digital solutions with our digital consulting services, comprising of digital strategy consulting, digital architecture designing, and transformation roadmap development etc. For further details please visit to www.aigcom.com.

Chemdelve brings about on demand chemical synthesis of raw materials, advance intermediates for manufacturing and discovery research. Our material also used for production of lubricant, LED and material chemistry industry.

Our expertise in organic synthesis includes heterocycles, aromatics, peptides, carbohydrates, neucleosides and neucleotides from milligram to kilogram scale material to meet the client requirement.

API impurity synthesis is another key area of our research and development and produce diverse type impurities at various scales.

We also have expertise in synthesis of chiral compounds by stereoselective, chiral pool strategies and resolution of racemic mixture through diastereomer formation.

Chemdelve offers its services in technology & process development and chemical purification. The other important areas are organometallic chemistry involving transition metals (Pd, Ni, Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe), API intermediates and API impurities. Analytical data interpretation and structure elucidation services for new chemical entities are provided.

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to grow as a leader in applied sciences, engineering and digital application services by providing smart and intelligent digital transformation solutions to our customers.

The mission will be achieved by providingconsistently value-added solutions to our customers through knowledge building, training and creating a culture of team work, innovation and building competency in relevant skill sets. ChemDelve ensures stable inflow of the business by building a professional relationship with clients. We will adhere to our policy of exercising transparent communications, IP confidentiality and SHE.

We will make sure cost effectiveness, quality control and on-time delivery through best industrial practices and state of the art execution methodologies.