Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas companies are experiencing price and demand volatility mixed with radical technological change. With the emergence of alternative energy sources and environmental concerns escalating, the oil and gas industry is turning to digital to deliver more energy options, reduce cost, and provide higher customer satisfaction.

Companies are using digitalization in concert with improved Processes and skills to squeeze more productivity from existing assets. Low oil prices have been drivers for companies to invest in analytics, deploy automation more quickly, move information technology (IT) to the cloud, and invest in big data.

With so many variables in play—volatile oil prices, shutdown efficiencies, plant maintenance, and safety regulations— we help with new ways to streamline operations and manage agility without compromising profitability.

Our digital offerings help mid-stream oil and gas, refinery operators, secondary distributors, and retailers make better decisions that generate new value and growth. In short, to achieve enterprise transformation in the competitive years ahead. Our solutions leverage the latest digital capabilities spanning everything from remote surveillance, mobile solutions, cognitive computing, pipeline inspection, to commodity trading analytics. Addressing aging assets, managing vendors, and complying with regulations requires digital disruption and choosing the right partner to get the job done.