Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that provides a way for information to be recorded and shared by a community. It is used to “create and manage a distributed database and maintain records for digital transactions of all types without the need for a centralized authority.

The data recorded and transmitted through the blockchain technology is immutable, safe, secure, and tamper-proof.

With innovators, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking enterprises adopting blockchain solutions, we look at one of the most transformative eras in business today. Blockchain solutions bring revolutionary transparency and trust in many sectors, such as supply chains, global trade, international payments, the world’s food supply, etc. Led by a robust partner network, the time is now for you to learn to leverage blockchain for businesses. Take advantage of our services, built to help turn your blockchain vision into a business-changing reality.

This is your opportunity to join the companies in a defining leadership role. Several industries, such as consumer products, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, life sciences, and even the public sector, capitalize on blockchain technology. This technology is emerging as a business focus for various organizations in several industries. The banking sector uses blockchain technology to enable streamlined P2P payments circuits, transferring funds between different banks, or defining new remittance services.

Blockchain’s suitability as an efficient and reliable shared trading platform could be applied to physical and financial trading across the full spectrum of energy commodities. In the power sector, specifically, as distributed energy resources continue to penetrate the grid, blockchain can enable peer-to-peer transacting between end users.